Our Value Proposition

ITWorks adds value to your products in several ways as part of our standard quality assurance and service delivery norms.

ITWorks resources have a lot of experience in working with clients from several verticals, ranging from technology champions and complete laymen. We understand the workings of the user community and understand their technology needs. We have enough grasp on the tech stack and delivering IT solutions to take leadership in addressing your technology needs.

All these benefits come to you at no additional cost.


We’ve worked with the simplest of architectures as well as the most complex ones. We’re AWS experts and use the following services in almost 100% of our projects: EC2, ELB, Serverless RDS, SES, SNS, S3, Lambda, Route 53

We’re well-versed with CI/CD methodologies and automated code review cycles; and working with orchestrated environments and cloud formation.


ITWorks has built and deployed over 40 mobile apps in a short span of 3 years. We’ve faced every rejection, road block and dead-end there is. We’ve tasted dirt, a lot. We admit it. And we’re proud, because we’ve learnt from it.

We know every workaround there is to make Google and Apple products work for you, rather than making your product work for them. Our experience with mobile development and design patterns and release cycles will prove invaluable to your product launch.


Crashlytics is a Google-owned product that provides an SDK for crash reporting, application logging, online review and statistical analysis of application logs.

It stays active in development builds and production ones.

It gives the dev team access to every crash and warning produced in the mobile app in real time. Our support and monitoring process is therefore armed with capabilities of preventive and evolutionary maintenance services.


Asana is a program management tool that helps teams organize, track, and manage their work. It incorporates all the best practices from well-known products like Confluence and Trello; and serves as a task tracker, sprint planner, status reporter as well as team chat.

Asana also has a mobile app for leaders to stay up to date on the go. ITWorks customers are onboarded to our workspace and begin team integration from day 1.


TestFlight is a service for over-the-air installation and testing of mobile applications. TestFlight offers build delivery without the need to request the receiver’s UDID making the process painless. With new shareable links feature there is no need to even onboard receivers on TestFlgiht. Just mail them the link and you’re good to go.

ITWorks offers TestFlight build deliveries through its own Apple Developer Account until the customers are set up to use their own. We support you until are set up and ready to go!


ITWorks way – The Agile way. ITWorks believes in prototyping model for deliveries.

We believe in delivering your product in short bursts throughout our engagement so that you are completely involved in the development process and exercise total control over the outcome of delivery.

With us, there are no surprises, no oops and no deviations from expectations. As we incorporate a continuous feedback process into our sprints, empowering you to control how the builds come out.


Sure, there are tons of UI gurus out there. But how many of them take UX into account? UX is more important than UI because if the product is not user-friendly, then all the beauty in the world doesn’t cut it.

ITWorks design gurus will offer their insight into your UX flows and ensure that they are fast, efficient and easy on the eyes of your customers.

ITW design gurus boast creative directorship over multiple agencies and travel the world on UX assignments. They were part of the creative team that built experiences for Chrysler’s revolutionary uConnect system and P&G’s Oral B worldwide campaign.


Want to sell your product to multiple businesses to rebrand and resell? We can get you setup for 1-click release configurations.

Want to sell a platform app that rebrands itself for the business it is opted for? We can get you set up with real-time on-the-fly in-app rebranding.

Our startup culture clientele have us building white labeling support all the time, in mobile apps and beyond. We exhibit record-release times – less than day to get your business client get set up and running.